John Holt – Sonar6, Kiwi Landing Pad,

Posted on 20 Oct 2019

Serial entrepreneur John Holt has an impressive track record and is a genuinely awesome Kiwi who is committed to seeing New Zealanders and our organisations do better on a global scale. Probably most well-known for launching HR Technology firm Sonar6 in 2006 and selling it to NASDAQ listed company Cornerstone on Demand in 2012 for US$14 million, he is also responsible for starting and Kiwi Landing Pad.

On this NZ Business Podcast episode John shares his journey into sales and entrepreneurship – including learning from the best through the challenges and successes of Sonar6 though to his current work.

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Ben Rose, Stuff Newspapers – NZ Business Podcast 41

Posted on 26 Jul 2019

How relevant are newspapers in a digital age? In this NZ Business Podcast episode Paul Spain talks with Ben Rose, General Manager of Newspapers at Stuff. You’ll hear some of Ben’s story and learn insights on the role that print based news plays for consumers and businesses – across a mix of newspaper products including local, daily and Sunday titles.

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Receivership and Insolvency with John Fisk – NZ Business Podcast 40

Posted on 28 Jun 2019

What do you need to know about Receivership, Insolvency and recovering from business failure? In this NZ Business Podcast episode Paul Spain talks with John Fisk, Managing Partner at PwC New Zealand, Chair of RITANZ (Restructuring Insolvency & Turnaround Association of New Zealand). You’ll hear John’s story and gain important insights that are relevant to all businesses.

John’s first-hand experiences include turning around struggling businesses, working through cash flow issues and overseeing the insolvency process. A key insight is to seek help as early as possible if your business is struggling. Naturally listening and learning from others via the medium of podcasts is helpful, as is surrounding yourself with the right mentors and experts to help you when appropriate.

This is episode is made possible by Gorilla Technology, Process Street and One Plus One Communications.

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Peter Beck – Rocket Lab, Founder/CEO – NZ Business Podcast 38

Posted on 18 Nov 2018

Peter Beck is the remarkable founder and CEO of Rocket Lab – one of just a handful of privately funded entities to put rockets into space and satellites into orbit. Thanks to Peter and his team’s tenacity, intelligence and executional excellence, Rocket Lab has not only succeeded at putting multiple rockets into space from New Zealand, the company’s valuation has shot well past One Billion US Dollars, they’ve won numerous awards and are now preparing to also launch into space from the United States. And along the way New Zealand has also become the 11th country to reach space.

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